My first WordPress post–moving Green Machine

My name is Justin Boyer. I am a developer who loves learning and writing cool software. I also enjoy making sure said software is secure. I started a blog  a while back (you can check it out here) but have now decided to move it to WordPress in order to breath some new life into it and expand it. I will move the most recent post I did on that blog but otherwise I will continue on this forum and treat my previous site as an archive.

For the new WordPress audience, I’ll introduce myself. I have been a developer going on 7 years. I have built web applications, desktop applications and mobile applications using .NET, Java, Swift, and Node.js. I also enjoy teaching others and wanted to reach a large audience of new developers in order to show how they, inexperienced though they may be, can build great software. Of course, we will always have ups and downs. Every developer will make mistakes along the way, but my hope is that my tips can help young and new developers increase their confidence that they really can make a difference.

I hope you agree and I look forward to writing for you.

Become a lean, mean, green machine

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