Site Content Audits and Content Creation for B2B Cybersecurity and SaaS Companies

Increase leads generated by content, whether on your website, in a whitepaper or e-book, or on your blog.

Justin Boyer – Marketing Geekly

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Site Content Audits

Using a 21-Point ‘industry best content practices’ checklist and other strategic tools, I can evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of any website and pinpoint significant opportunities to improve results.

Whitepaper Writing

Whitepapers are an opportunity to show readers that you understand their problems and can help them find practical solutions. My Content Distillery process creates whitepapers that explain complex topics in simple terms while motivating readers to take action.

Blog Posts

Blog content is table stakes for many companies to establish a reputation and build a profitable audience. But it’s more complicated than ever to break through the noise. I’ll help you define your voice and write content that stands out. I believe in quality over quantity. Make every post count.

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Justin’s easy to work with, grasps the goals we have and has that knack to make complicated topics into enjoyable and informative reads.

Luke Tucker

Sr. Director Content and Community, HackerOne

Hit Subscribe Founder Amanda Muledy

As an editor, I find Justin to be a blogger with a mature, professional writing style that’s easy to understand from the get-go. And as the owner of a content business, I value Justin for the wide range of topics in his wheelhouse and his dependability. In both capacities, I’m delighted to have found a writer of his caliber, and I think anyone looking for content will feel the same.

Amanda Muledy

Founder, HitSubscribe